I’ve been away…

The Proof!

I’ve been away for a while, but I’m back!

A big part of my absence has been due to the new book that was just released by Leafwood Publishers title To Kill a Zombie. The Year I Came Back to Life–and Why. In this book you’ll read about what happened when I tried to be intential with living, engaging with others in ways I never had before–like going to a star-gazing party with strangers, trying to convince the police I was not a deadbeat dad from Texas, and the night I chatted up with a gang member from Los Angleles–and lived to tell the tale. I hope you check it out.

But for now I want to write about my son, Zachary. He’s in Los Angeles now going to school learning all about video prodution–especially how to develop video games–and working part time. He finished up his two-year associates degree recently and called to tell us he was valedictorian of his class. “Now, Zach, how do you know that for sure?” I asked.

He paused and added, “Because they gave me a plaque…and a medal…and they played my video project on the big screen in front of everyone…” His voice rose as if to ask, “Is that enough?”

I was so proud of him. Didn’t think I could be prouder, until recently he called during his short break between quarters and asked if he could go ahead and get his bachelor’s degree (two more years!). Of course, I said. I couldn’t have been prouder. Until he called the other day after his first quarter and said, “I kinda got the Best of Quarter award.”

I love every day of watching him grow up.


~ by dwpierce1 on February 1, 2012.

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